Polishing The Mirror


Anneke Lucas is a remarkable woman in her fifties who suffered satanic ritual abuse from the age of 6 until 11 in Belgium.

After thirty years of reconciling her experiences Anneke began to support others who had experienced trauma, and to publicly speak about her own journey. In 2011 she began to take yoga into prisons, hoping to break the cycle of recidivism through trauma-conscious yoga and meditation.

With my drive to promote awareness that the changes to humanity must start with each of us: assessing our own trauma, reflecting on the choices we make and have made, and healing our shadow I am sharing her work with you.

Two quotes from Anneke’s website:

“The brainwashing that morality is for fools and that intelligent people’s open-mindedness means they have to accept everything and anything sexually, is massive.”

“Only trauma healing can create empathic and peaceful solutions on the large scale. If we don’t, we will perpetuate the role play of little girls looking up to Great Men, while those Great Men need to manipulate real children in order to feel that they are the adults everyone believes them to be.”

I am stirred to say that polishing our mirror – loving the blemishes we see reflect back to us, and accepting our daily experiences as being manifested by ourselves rather than being victims is paramount. I am tedious with this continual mantra: we create our experiences because we are energetic beings. With this knowledge we cannot blame others for what we draw to ourselves. We have been indoctrinated to believe otherwise, so if you need to write out an affirmation “I am a magnificent, eternal, creator being” to continually remind yourself do so!

We have all experienced trauma of one kind or another, we all have pain. I shall continue to observe and reflect on my behaviour and choices and I hope that you can too. Together our healing milestones will create a different world.

Please be inspired by this Ted talk by Anneke, which you can hear in full from this link:

YouTube TEDxTalk

You can also listen to the talk directly from Anneke’s website and learn more about her work by going to: