Collective Consciousness

Humanity is a collective; for too long we have forgotten we are intrinsically linked to each other and our extraordinary Earth. We have forgotten too that we are magnificent creators; we have been the creators of both the wonderful and the hideous of all that we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Our collective creations have produced awe and suffering. We, humans, are the creators of the conditions on the planet. Humanity has come to a fork in the road, our time has come to choose whether to embrace a collective expansion of our awareness and an increase in our level of consciousness for global peace and unity to be realised on Earth, or not.

Vibrational Frequency

Consciousness is vibrating energy of infinite creative potential. Consciousness in its most intense vibrating state goes by many names, such as: Source, God, the Beloved, Divine Intelligence, Infinite Love, the Divine and the Creator. At our core each of us is an aspect of Source, a soul: a divine spark of energy of infinite intelligence, infinite potential. We are connected to each other because we are all aspects of Source; we are One, a collective interwoven consciousness. Consciousness vibrates at different speeds that correspond with levels of consciousness. The speed at which our soul energy vibrates is synonymous with the level of our consciousness: the faster the vibration the more expanded or greater the level of consciousness, the slower the vibration the more constricted or narrower the level of consciousness. Levels of consciousness, the rate at which we vibrate, are determined by our dominant emotions that span between unconditional love and absolute fear.

Emotions are energy in motion. Our life experiences dictate our perspectives and emotions, which influence how we make choices and respond to situations. Our thoughts, words, and actions emit electromagnetic waves of energy from our hearts and minds into the Field, Universe, or Matrix that surrounds us. The Field responds like a mirror to our individual and collective energy, manifesting our wishes and nightmares. Our experiences do not happen to us: we create them. The Matrix does not discern right or wrong, good or bad, it is a mechanism that works like a mirror to assist us to understand who we are, and what we are capable of. Feeling our body’s response of constriction or expansion will help guide us to understand our inner feelings and our right next step. We are powerful energetic beings and we must be aware of and responsible for our behaviour: how we respond in our thoughts, words, and actions. Choosing to respond lovingly rather than fearfully will affect our state of consciousness. This in turn will have an effect on the collective consciousness.

Separation & Re-unification

We are spiritual beings choosing to experience separation from Source: separation from the feeling of Oneness, love, and security that is hidden within us. The concept of separation has defined our souls for thousands of years. Our soul returns many, many times to Earth to experience separation, free will, and the multitude of facets of humanity.  Ultimately, each soul yearns to be reunited as One, to raise or expand its consciousness to the intense vibrational level of Source.  As people, we tussle between wanting to be unique and individual but also long to be part of the tribe, the One.  The pull to be part of the community, the Whole, is instinctive for all of us.

We are an interconnected part of the Whole, not only with each other but with Mother Earth and the other inhabitants: animals, plants, microbes—together we are Gaia. James Lovelock, who conceived the Gaia Theory, claimed: “Earth and all its inhabitants make up a living, self-regulating super organism.” Humans, as an interdependent part of Gaia, need to return to our bygone narrative and remember our sacred connection to each other and to Earth, as an intricate part of Source.

At times, I can be jostled into thinking I need to “march for change,” and wonder how to funnel my passion in a productive way.  Sometimes, I feel anxious about the way ahead but reconnecting with the earth and nature restores and rebalances me. My own restoration reminds me of the goal of my soul to help restore Gaia as a cooperative unified Whole, to reunite as One.

Consciousness Raising

The good news is that you can absolutely make a difference and actively participate in many ways to move humanity forward to expand the collective consciousness. Most importantly, there is power in aligning our thoughts and feelings as they radiate from us. We can focus and create a harmonious world by envisaging how we want the world to be. We may not believe we are innovative designers for our future, but we are—every single one of us. We can all assist with determined focus on a world of freedom, abundance, love, and peace for Gaia. We can begin to meditate on, and tell our remembered story about, our connection to Source and Gaia.

Elisabet Sahtouris, futurist and biologist, suggests we are in a time of exciting change, like a chrysalis we too are metamorphosing. In her Ted Talk entitled “Celebrating Crisis” (watch below) she gives evidence for why she believes we are entering the planet’s sixth mass extinction phase. What captivates me most in her theory is the revelation of the highly organised groups of cells in a caterpillar that are known as imaginal discs. These discs battle with the immune system until eventually the discs win and the butterfly takes shape. Like the imaginal discs we too can imagine and visualise the way forward to a new Earth. Our most productive work is to imagine the feeling as well as the look of our future: clean water, clean air, and clean food in egalitarian cooperative societies, as one united global family, as if it exists already. Let us cooperate rather than compete, share rather than monopolize our resources, embrace rather than exclude in our communities, states, and nations.

The Majesty Of The Collective

The power of our human collective energy is drastically underestimated. We are spiritual beings of immense capacity. Imagine for a moment a single yellow daffodil; it’s pretty and uplifting. Now imagine the vibrancy and awe you would feel at seeing a meadow filled with daffodils, maybe it’s the bright yellow light that empowers, but wouldn’t you think it would be magnificent? Many years ago I lived in the north of Scotland and in autumn the leaves changed colour. Individually the trees were striking but driving along one particular stretch of road the view was breathtaking, the valley awash with magnificent colour as the mass of leaves embraced every bronze and golden hue imaginable. Perhaps sound stirs you more than sight? I find the sound of a single singer or musical instrument can be touching, but an orchestra or group of singers delivers a rush of palpable power that often brings a tear to my eye and expands my heart. It reminds me that the collective is majestic and has immense energetic influence in the Matrix, and why prayer—deep reflection and gratitude, and intention are so valuable.

Believe it or not, like it or not, the world is changing, and it seems likely we are in for a bumpy ride over the next decade. One example of our impending change is the unknown impact of climate change. How can you best be prepared? I agree with the work of psychologist and eco-philosopher, Carolyn Baker, in her book Collapsing Consciously. She asks, “What is the gift you carry in your soul?” and, advocates healing your trauma—your wounded past, so you can cope with whatever future traumas you may encounter in these changing times.

Intuitive Healing

A vital component of your soul’s Earth experience is healing your sacred self. Briefly, every person will experience a degree of trauma in their childhood; the trauma creates a shadow or unconscious side. The shadow or hidden aspects of ourselves distorts the lens with which we view the world. Our shadow is the source of our judgemental and blaming behaviours, and our pain and fear-based emotions. Our inner world is reflected in our outer world through the Matrix. The shadow energy impacts both the individual and the collective. Reconciling and reintegrating the shadow aspects of ourselves increases our vibration, expands our consciousness, and often unveils the gift we carry in our soul.

In doing the deep inner-work of healing our sacred self and reconciling our shadow, we learn compassion for ourselves; and an extension of self-compassion is the ability to have compassion for others. It is important for us, as a society, as a collective, to allow others to have their perspectives without judging that they are right or wrong; if healing their shadow is not a priority it is likely that wounds and triggers are regularly exposed. Rather, if their perspective or behaviour causes contraction within us that we look to see what further inner work we can do. Rarely will we know or understand what has shaped the perspective of another individual. Hate, judgement, blame, and discrimination are insidious in our societies but if we can remember that these are fear-based behaviours that always stem from insecurity we can engage in compassion as an antidote.

Raise Your Vibration Of Awareness

I find solitude and self-compassion nurturing. I love spending time in my garden, touching the soil, smelling the flowers, and listening to the changing soundscape around me. I particularly find value sitting in gratitude in the late afternoon, admiring the light sparkling on the leaves and the warmth of the sun’s rays earnestly finding their way through the boughs of the trees to warm my face. These simple moments help me return to balance. When contemplating our future becomes confronting, when life becomes exhausting, find a moment, find what delights your senses and sit in awe. We need to remind ourselves of this wonderful creation of which we are a part.

We are a sacred and majestic collective. We are Gaia, and like all species we have a part to play, to be responsible members of the biosphere on Earth. If you are reading this, you are likely looking for how you can help shift our collective consciousness. I hope this portal brings some insight to you: how you can be a change-maker; how you can shine, not by looking outwardly but by looking within; balancing yourself; and finding time to imagine a healed and unified Gaia.

We need to move from our human-centered to an Earth-centered norm of reality and value. Only in this way can we fulfil our human role within the functioning of the planet we live on.

Thomas Berry, ecotheologian, cosmologist, and author of The Great Work.

Lighten Up! For Humanity’s Sake

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