Twin Flames, Twin Souls,

or Woundmates

Twin flames are a hot topic in contemporary spiritual dialogue. Twin flames, or twin souls, are reconnecting now in greater numbers. The experience for those involved is tumultuous and heart breaking; hence some use the term woundmates. You may well ask: why is this taking place now, at this junction in history? To understand this we must look at the work of the eminent scientist James Lovelock who is the inventor of Gaia Theory.

Gaia – Earth As A Conscious Entity

Lovelock proposed that Gaia is not just a planet of rock and lava but combined with all its inhabitants is a living, self-regulating super organism. The reason for the sweep of twin flame meetings connects with Earth’s consciousness which is shifting. Humanity is part of the Gaia eco-system, and to keep pace with Earth we must raise and expand our individual and collective consciousness. At this point there is a fork in the narrative: some people believe that humans are crucial in saving Gaia and others believe the Earth will move with or without us. I believe Gaia will make adjustments to self-regulate and rebirth itself, and humanity too must make its adjustment, the inner work needs to be actioned to take the next step in the journey. For we are the microcosm within the macrocosm; we are an organism within an organism.

Connecting With Source

Unconditional Love is the overarching energy that vibrates throughout the universe and it stems from Source or God. We recognise this feeling when it courses through our veins—I don’t mean romantic love—I mean that feeling of awe, moved by inspiration, excited by possibility, humbled by majesty, or deep contentment during stillness.

Most of humanity has forgotten we are sacred, creative, eternal beings and the root of our suffering connects with our separation from Source. For millennia we have been returning to Earth in order to find our authentic expression and evolve our souls. Playing “the game” each visit and forgetting our sacred connection with Source. The pain of this separation is triggered each time we experience abandonment, loss, rejection, or separation from a loved one. We are stimulated by the universe to remember—but we are unconscious of its importance, of what we have forgotten; the truth too deeply embedded.

Spiritual Awareness

Our soul longs for reunion and realignment with Source. The universe and our soul will orchestrate situations to coax us to look within and remember we are a divine spark; to remind us that we are deeply connected to all that is; so that we remember we are intricately part of the One. Too often we do not heed the messages, and we find repeated patterns of suffering throughout our lives. Present day twin flames have often had an interest in spirituality but it has taken their encounter with their twin to “wake up.”

What Are Twin Flames?

The internet is rife with forums analysing the fall out of twin experiences: people seeking validation that their tumultuous experience was with their twin soul; or seeking an explanation for the purpose behind their meeting. Furthermore, there are channellers and healers offering guidance and healings for individuals and couples.

The relationship is addictive, confronting, hideous, delicious, confusing and exquisite almost simultaneously…
My extensive research has shown that there is not a unified explanation of what twin flames or twin souls are. Some believe the twin is a separate soul: either an energetic match whose wounds interconnect with yours; or a soul mate that has a contract with you this lifetime to play a specific role to awaken you. Others believe, as I do, that the twin is the other half of a soul, divided after creation. No matter its inception, the end result is unanimous: soul growth.
The key is to know and heal your sacred self. The journey of the soul is ever evolving, and in order to raise and expand our personal consciousness we need to acknowledge and heal our wounds, to integrate our shadow aspects, and love ourselves unconditionally.

Twin Flame Relationship

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the twin flame topic, I shall give you a little background to their journey. In essence, two people meet their mirror soul. The connection is extraordinary, unlike one they have previously encountered. The relationship is addictive, confronting, hideous, delicious, confusing, and exquisite almost simultaneously. This was my experience and when the relationship ended, it fractured me into tiny pieces. It drove me to seek out all the information I could to make sense of what had happened. It led me to a path of self-discovery, to put myself back together again: to heal my sacred self.

The twins may be of the opposite or same gender, the twins may be of similar age or years apart, the relationship may or may not be romantic, but the recognition is instantaneous, creating a clichéd sense of homecoming. Twin flame discourse, which is separate to that of soulmates, shows us a series of phases in the relationship.

Twin Flame Stages

The initial phase of connection can last weeks, months, or years, and then moves to the crucial phase. One twin ends the relationship and runs away leaving the other confused, desolate, and heart broken. If the twins are aware and already involved with spirituality, then deep work of growth is made together. These twins appear to be rare and move to the stage of being of service and healing for others. For most, the “runner” returns to their old lifestyle, clinging to their old patterns and trying to return to their “normality.” They keep busy, working hard on new projects in a bid not to think about the connection they had and have run from. The twin left on the door-step suffers intense confusion, utter rejection. Having bared their soul, unmasked themselves fully they feel rejected for the essence of who they are; simulating the devastation of their initial separation from Source—the kick so hard as to awaken them to remember that Source forever lies within them. They are propelled onto a quest to make sense of their baffling experience. Hence, there is so much information about this subject, those seeking answers and those offering advice. The left behind twin often plays the role of “the chaser.” My own personal experience would most certainly have categorised me as the chaser and indeed I would have gone chasing. The leaving of my twin made no sense to me at all. I could not fathom why he would not choose to navigate the bumpy road together, finding reason and dialogue to work through the quagmire we had found ourselves in. I sought advice from a spiritual counsellor who told me that any contact I tried to make would be rejected. I needed to heal my sacred self. In growing, I would alter the energy dynamic between us. As I bore witness to my shadow and reconciled aspects of myself that I had found difficult in my twin, I knew I was energetically altering the wounded dynamic between us. Whether we would meet again would be dependent on the level of healing of our individual wounds.

Why Twin Flames Run

According to Karen Burness, who wrote Why Twin Flames Run, the love of the twin mirrors the love of God. Rejection by one twin mirrors their perception of a rejection by Source or God. Ultimately the runner believes, consciously or unconsciously, that if their twin—who they know loves them unconditionally—ever rejected them, and they presume they will be rejected because they do not feel worthy, that God too will reject them. When, in time, the runner loves themselves wholly and knows that Source resides within them, that they are an intricate part of the Whole, only then will they be able to unconditionally love with an open heart their twin flame, and others.

Spiritual Awakening

There are many forums and discussions about twin flame experiences. The increase in the numbers of twin meetings at this time in history is exponential. One wonders why twins are meeting now. I believe the reason dates back five thousand years, when a call was sent throughout the universe to twin flames existing on other planets and star systems. Each pair of twins would journey through the system of karma with no assurance of the outcome. Their destination: this particular juncture, to help raise and expand the level of humanity’s collective consciousness as a part of Gaia. At our core we are all energy. We were all created from Source or God and our aim is to evolve, raise our consciousness, increase our level of vibration and expand to the dimension of Source. While on Earth we forget who we are and our interconnection with each other and the universe. Not all beings on the planet at this time have experienced many lives, not all souls are twins who answered the call.

Twin Flame Reunion

Twin souls have planned their meetings in this incarnation. Symbols, phrases, and incidents are embedded within their souls and are sub-consciously recognised, which cause the activation of the next phase in the twin’s journey. Many twins are weary but they have reached an important goal. Information needs to be widely circulated to help bring understanding to twins of their experiences and their continued purpose; to encourage all people to look within, acknowledge and reintegrate their shadow, to love unconditionally and expand the collective consciousness of humanity. The discussion of twin flames is considered a spiritual one, but there is a convergence with science which I believe gives weight to the theory.

Quantum Entanglement

Science and spirituality was divided by the middle of the 18th century when Europe was ensconced in the Age of Reason, also known, ironically, as the Age of Enlightenment. There was a revolutionary change in philosophy, politics, and society that impacted the outlook of the populace. Humanity, having lived in unity with Mother Earth and her systems, began the trajectory of separateness and individuality. Now three centuries later, science and spirituality are realigning. Twin flames and science’s quantum entanglement sound to me like they have similar resonations. Scientists have shared, discussed, and researched quantum entanglement since 1935, when Einstein first discovered the phenomenon. To date, quantum entanglement has shown us that a photon that is divided in two retains identical properties, they are twins and even over large distances the change of one photon, a light particle, will affect another that it is intimately connected to: its pair. Twin flames have identical frequency signatures because they were created as one and then divided into two, in their natural matter-less state they are pure energy. When they meet they will be vibrating at the same level, their matching vibration will draw them together, through the Law of Attraction. Their roles are to reconnect now; their encounter particularly drives one twin to pursue healing that expands and alters their consciousness. The rise and expansion in consciousness and increased vibration of one twin will have the equal effect on the other twin. As with the photon particles, the action of one will affect its pair. “Entangled particles are identical entities that share common origins and properties, and remain in instantaneous touch with each other, no matter how wide the gap between them.” – Malcolm W. Brown, New York Times Science writer. (Read below)

Healing The Sacred Self

Exponential numbers of twins all over the globe have united. Most commonly they separate, causing one twin to search and seek answers that leads them to the journey of healing the sacred-self. The rise in consciousness and increased vibration of one twin importantly affects their “runaway” twin. This is an extraordinary design to force an increase in vibration and consciousness, a Shift, with the potential to change the dynamic on Earth to a world of peace and harmony.

Final Thoughts

Finally, some more food for thought: is Gaia also a twin? Is the Universe a twin? According to English physicist Dr Brian Cox we now know there are many universes, so, ultimately, does everything in the multiverse reconnect and realign with Source?

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Malcolm W Brown

on Entangled Particles


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