I am a sacred activist: I dream of a peaceful Earth, and as a passionate optimist I believe it’s attainable; I am navigating the evolution of my soul, appreciating and acknowledging the light and shadow aspects of myself; I am a catalyst for peace and hope you will join me to walk the sacred path, to forge a new Earth. Together we can navigate our souls’ evolution and be the change we wish to see.

Continually curious, I am a seeker of truth, and I love to explore, research, observe, and read. In my articles I will share findings within the topics of the three portals; particularly, about the shadow and how it shows itself in all our daily lives.

If you have an inkling, or a knowing, that there is more to your life on this Earth than you are led to believe then you have found a home where you can quietly ponder the articles and musings that I will share with you, and I welcome your company.

Like you I have been here on Earth for many, many, experiences. At times, in the deepest core within me, I am weary. I am not psychic or a channeller but I know, though I don’t know how, that we are on the edge, the cusp, of change. There is work to be done and every single one of us matters, we must wake up, expand our consciousness, and lighten up!
My qualifications are a life lived. I have a degree in behavioural science which reflects my deep interest in understanding why humans behave the way they do. My degree major was public policy and I yearn for the time when all policies are centred on love and unity. Study fostered an enthusiasm for research and a desire to find truth that resonates with me. I am the mother of my three children, and a friend to many: these two callings have been the most influential.