Soulmates’ Synchronicities

Have you marvelled at how your wishes come true? Thoughts and ideas you had one day, maybe just for a fleeting moment, maybe persistent conscious calling, come to fruition days, months, or years later.
Consistent awareness of the activity in our mind reveals the wonder of our power. However, we can’t always be sure that our egocentric wishes and the callings of our soul want the same outcome, and this can catch one unawares. On their third date Pete and Becca shared their thoughts, their intentions, which had come to fruition.


When Pete was five he was given the part of a King in the school nativity play. But actually he was desperate to be the drummer. He went home to his family and excitedly told them he was going to be the drummer, and continued this pretence up until the night of the performance. His anxiety was in overdrive. He had told his family he was to be the drummer and within the next half an hour he was going to be on the stage as a King. Tormented by his lies, he was in a panic when in the distance he overheard two teachers talking, “Tommy’s mum has just rung; Tommy’s sick and won’t be here tonight.” All Pete knew, all Pete cared about, was that he had to do everything in his power to convince the two teachers he could be the drummer. And so it was.

Therefore it came as no surprise to Pete, when he and Becca were sitting opposite each other; unveiling the weeks that had led to their meeting: the seemingly crazy coincidences that were being revealed. Pete had witnessed innumerable times how his thoughts and desires manifested since he played the role of the drummer in the nativity play over forty years earlier: our considerable power of intention is fantastic.

A few years ago Pete had decided his heart’s longing was to circumnavigate the world on a bicycle. Two years were focussed on one outcome. He downsized his living arrangements to save money, he watched documentaries, researched the best water filter or dynamo for the bike, and adjusted his wardrobe to be versatile for his outdoor travelling lifestyle. Realising he was finally ready, he set a date for his departure, Boxing Day 2017. He was excited, and his friends were excited for him.


A fortnight before Pete met Becca he sat quietly one evening, basking in the life he had created. He realised the depth of his contentment, how happy he was. He began to wonder whether he wanted to move away from the friends he treasured and the job he loved; he had experienced a myriad of jobs in his lifetime and now, in his mid-forties, had found the job he loved—a cycle courier around the city. He also felt deeply connected to the house he was sharing with its tree-studded surroundings. Pete had not been in a relationship for five years, he had made a decision that intimate relationships were challenging, heart-breaking, complex. He didn’t want another. As he pondered, he earnestly wondered whether this was true: did he want to be alone for the rest of his life?

On the morning of the day that Pete and Bec met he had made his decision. He would not be leaving on Boxing Day. On top of his other reasons for staying, he had found a passion for drawing and illustrating; a new form of expression: he felt there was a story keenly waiting to be told.

Bec was looking for a man who had worked on his past wounds, whose awareness would alert him to reflect on his behaviour within all facets of his life. Six months earlier a medium had brought through a message from Bec’s mother; to say that a meeting would occur with a man at a social setting which would include dancing. Bec was told that under no circumstances was she to miss an invitation that came her way. So, when a friend asked if she would like to join a group to go Scottish dancing, she didn’t hesitate.


Scottish reel dancing provides a convivial backdrop for easy conversation and an array of partners. Pete and Bec were part of the same group that had been invited to the evening. They introduced themselves to each other part way through the evening and quickly found common ground. Pete would later say he felt an instant connection the moment he saw Bec’s eyes. As he listened to her say that she was looking for a partner with awareness of Self, one who would not blame or judge, who was prepared to reflect and unpack issues that arose together, he knew this to be the lynchpin. This too, was an important characteristic he had looked for in a partner for over twenty years.

Bec wondered over the following days if this was someone who could help her to understand more of herself, and whether she was ready for an intimate relationship. As superficial as it may have been, there was a problem: he had a beard. However, an altercation at Pete’s work since the Scottish dancing had encouraged him to change his look, and the simplest way to achieve that was to shave off his beard which he had loved for over ten years. Bec’s whisper for change was granted in the blink of an eye.

During the following weekend they hardly paused for breath as they shared their narratives, commonalities, expectations, and hopes. Although a little guarded, Bec was delighted with this gift of a light-hearted gentle man, with his eyes oh so blue and his hands so warm. Pete began to float and tumble like scattering autumn leaves in a lazy breeze, dreaming of a future filled with the romance and technicolour of any fine Hollywood movie.


Here they were comparing their calls to the Universe, notching up the synchronicities that had brought them to this shared moment. Pete felt sure their souls had lived together before, he felt an instant reunion. However, it was he who hit the reality wall first. His anxiety skyrocketed. “What am I doing? What am I thinking?” he asked himself.  He hardly knew Bec. He reined himself in. Pete, an empath and highly sensitive to energy, was struggling. He hadn’t realised his scars from this life were so deep. Bec listened to his change of heart, and initially felt unscathed.

The next day she found herself exhausted, lying on the sofa only able to stare out of the window, numb and sad. Then, surprising her, anger seeped in and the ruminating mind took over, her hollering inner-child—keen to be heard. She waded through the day allowing her body to recalibrate, feeling into the discomfort in different parts of her body, knowing this too would pass if she could sit in stillness, acknowledge, and allow the energy to dissipate through her.

Pete’s energy had been splintered by Bec’s. He began to have nightmares, waking in the night with his heart beating excessively, the dreams were vivid and terrifying; he was unsure what was reality. Pete took responsibility for his energy and his actions, apologising for any upset he had caused Bec. Both, however, were all too aware that their individual experiences were their own lessons, issues of their own souls.  They met for the last time several days later. Bec wrestling with believing that all was “meant to be” tried to negotiate with Pete. How she could help him to navigate his wavering energy? “Do not try to take responsibility for me,” he growled—shadow was coming in to play, Pete’s body constricted, his skin felt uncomfortable, his brightness quickly dimmed. Bec could feel herself about to defend, argue, holler but witnessing her own shadow stopped. ”Self-preservation,” he said, “I can’t focus. I can’t think. I cycled straight through an intersection today. There can be nothing further between us.”


For Bec it was a surprise to see the nuances and synchronicities played out so beautifully before her very eyes come to nothing, but was it nothing? What did she discover? Meeting Pete gave her a good reading on her barometer. She regained her balance quickly, she had noted her delight in his attention, her keenness to share her life with a compatible mate, or would she fall back into becoming dependent on Pete? And, the too many compromises she was prepared to make.  Most importantly, the inner-work she had done over the last few years had shown her heart was open and her energy receptive to feel that of another. As much as it had been debilitating to be jostled by Pete’s energy, she was relieved that her shields had not risen, she was strong, though heart-centred.

They met, they shared, they said goodbye all in the window of a fortnight. What was the point, one might ask. We live the life we create. People come into our lives to show us what we need to see. Indeed, with insight one always sees our inner world reflected externally. Our interactions help us to understand the platform we have reached in our soul’s evolution. Soulmates reunite for moments, for weeks or for longer, for soul healing, activation, and balancing of karma. Was their meeting a destiny point? A litmus test? Only time will further reveal the purpose of Bec and Pete’s meeting. The call of the soul is powerful. It reminds us that we are spiritual beings on Earth to have a human experience. As we surrender and release the need to control, the soul will bring all the elements it requires for healing and balance.