Energy Adjustments (part 1)


The adage, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, has gained traction as our understanding of quantum physics, consciousness, and the Universe has percolated through to people beyond the science lab.

We are energy and we are matter

As spiritual beings we are energy and as human beings we are matter. Our energy impacts our matter; the energy drives our five senses, muscles, heart, or endocrine system, for an immediate response to a situation. Energy can impact us more deeply over the long term: showing itself through ailments, illness, or disease.

In my recently released book, Lighten Up For Humanity’s Sake, I wrote about truth-telling energy and feeling truth; feeling the way forward to know the next right  step, or feeling your body’s response to someone’s words or actions. Today I want to explore a little deeper: how to interpret an intense disturbing physical response after spending some time within a person’s energy that you have met for the first or second time. Remembering at all times that we draw to us what our soul desires to experience as part of navigating its evolution.

In terms of trying to put a time-frame on my most expansive awareness period, or, as some people might say, when I woke up, I would say it was four years ago after the ending of a three-year relationship with a man I understood, in hindsight, to be my twin flame.  Prior to this time I had not experienced an immediate vibrational adjustment or energy clash.

Energy Vampires

There is a good deal of information on the internet about energy vampires and how drained one may feel after being in the company of a particular person. However, what I have not read an article about is the physical response we might have of being enveloped in the energy of someone who may not be an energy vampire but whose energy nonetheless has a strong impact: their frequency or rate of vibration being vastly different from our own.

Within seconds I felt light-headed, clammy, heart racing and nauseous.

Some years ago, I was doing a two day Openhand workshop entitled “Breakthrough.” We were to be guided to tune into our energy, engage in meditation, and to view and integrate some shadow aspects of ourselves.  You can read more about shadow aspects here. I had been following the work of Openhand for some time and was excited to be with like-minded souls over the weekend.

Startling choice

The workshop space was serene, and the facilitator, whose name was Open, seemed genuine, engaging, and delighted to be leading us. The group had already spent a few hours together and we were all relaxed. Open asked us to stand up and gently walk around in a circle until he said “stop.”  I was startled to find myself in front of Open when he said “stop.” I was a little embarrassed to realise that I would have to partner-up with Open. He picked up on this and said it had been my choice or I wouldn’t have found myself in front of him!

Within seconds I felt light-headed, clammy, heart racing and nauseous, and buckled to the floor. My legs were shaky; I stayed cross-legged on the floor as I tried to compose myself with steady breathing. No one seemed to notice, they carried on. I rose five minutes later just as the exercise of singing to one’s partner the song “The Scientist” by Coldplay was finishing, and lent against the facilitator for support, before sheepishly moving back to my seat.

It was not an experience I’d had before. I found it odd that nobody asked me if I was alright or what had happened. Open asked if I was alright, but we didn’t really review what had happened. I went home, slept fine and nothing else out of the ordinary happened. At the end of the following day as I was saying goodbye he shared that this response of a participant had occurred to him before and said it was likely an energy adjustment.

Playing with the devil

Since then, similar things have happened: I met a chap who runs a business doing shadow work—Dragon Work. I was keen to find a local shadow-work counsellor in my city in case anyone who read my book asked me for a recommendation. To me, meeting this man felt like I was playing with the devil, or a panther. It was bizarre and surreal: his stories outrageous and behaviour provoking. I had never experienced anything like it before. I almost expected someone to come out from behind a wall to tell me it had all been a set-up prank like candid camera. I felt physically fine as we conversed, but stunned after I left: dazed and questioning. That evening I felt most unwell with achy ‘flu-like symptoms that lasted twelve hours.

The following day Patricia—a prominent “goddess” elder from a country town, who I had met through a mutual friend four months earlier, made contact with me out of the blue. She was coming up to the city and felt “called” to contact me. Within moments of our meeting, she was picking up on the energy of a man I had recently met. I told her of my strange encounter a few days earlier and she warned me to stay well clear. Interesting! I quickly followed her advice, especially as I received several peculiar phone calls from The Panther that I think were drug-laced.

Following on from her experiences with Open and The Panther, in the second and final part of this article, Jessica introduces us to a puppy, confronts unbalanced energies, and draws conclusions.