Mindful Energy

Here we are beginning another year. What can each of us do to help our fellow beings, or broader still, our collective soul in 2019?

I read recently that our thoughts are a vibrational blueprint for manifestation, and this led me to think more deeply about the consequences of our thoughts, words, and actions. If thought forms are energy: a mathematical equation, a set of instructions for universal intelligence to follow, then being mindful and responsible for our thoughts seems to me critical.

Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science writes:

“For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call ‘physical reality.’ Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are.” (Information about his studies over the past 30 years can be found on his website: https://www.tillerinstitute.com/)

The power of prayer and intention are exciting and make a great deal of sense to me as I know that we are extraordinary creators. Have you noticed how often your thoughts have become a reality? A fleeting thought or a deep wanting continual thought both manifest.

Our thoughts are vibrations: energetic data, our words too but they carry a stronger frequency, they beat a louder drum. Dr Tiller and other scientists have found that the power of intention from our mind is magnified when coupled with strong corresponding feelings from our heart. The Law of Attraction comes in to play far more readily when heart and mind work in unison.

We have the power to create a peaceful world with our intent. However, we rarely discuss or realise the other side of the coin.

Could our negative thoughts have an impact?

What impact do our sour and angry thoughts and words have on those we are negative about? Too often we do not enquire into the true source of our upsets, disappointments, and negative experiences. Our minds can be a quagmire of conspiratorial words, a ruminating fever of words heard, and an internal tongue lashing of words one could have said. Words and feelings of blame, shame, angst, hurt, and anger—do we realise their power, the impact they may have on others?

The power of intent

If science has proved the power of intent and prayer, through focusing the mind and the heart on a specific positive outcome, then does it not stand to reason that there is power in the opposite stable of thoughts and emotions? We are extraordinary creators; spiritual beings having a human experience, which is often difficult and confronting, but is a continual game of choices for our soul’s growth.

The best work we can do for ourselves, our friends, colleagues, our community, and our planet is first: the inner work: shadow work and, second, to learn to be vigilant about the power of our thoughts and words. At the root of all our upsets, which cause the ruminating, moaning, whining, blaming and complaining, are our own shielded wounds. It hurts when we are triggered.

Physical response

It took me some time to reconcile anger with hurt. Before I had worked through any of my childhood hurts/wounds triggering took the form of either the feeling that smoke was shooting out of my ears or a rampage of revengeful soliloquies in my head. I don’t get hit in those forms any more. But I know when it happens; there is a definite physical response, an energy welling up in my body or a stab in the gut. I felt lousy when in deep woeful rumination, my energy felt constricted and uninspired by life.

Do you recognise that feeling?

Energy is powerful: be responsible and accountable

2019, new habit formations: when you notice the monologues or ruminating whirling around in your mind take a moment to observe the content, then consider the source of the hurt and reflect on the impact your thinking will be having on the other person. I haven’t seen a study on the impact of negative thoughts on others but I would imagine the effect is not uplifting, I doubt it gives a loving sensation to the receiver.

Freezer Spells

I was discussing this article with a friend of mine. She told me of “Freezer Spells.” If you are struggling with somebody who is giving you a difficult time, write their name on paper and place the paper in the freezer. Apparently this has great results in changing the behaviour or the offender.

Personally, I find this abhorrent. If you continually lay blame at the perceived perpetrator’s feet then you miss the point of the experience which is self-reflection and healing for your awareness and growth. It also shows that our intention does have an outcome—an outcome that may be detrimental to another person. Always, be responsible and accountable for your own behaviour and the energies you encounter.

No one feels great when they are in a negative hurt tailspin

If our thoughts as we now know have an impact, then our words have a stronger impact. Like most people, I need someone to debrief, to unravel my experience with. And let me tell you, for many decades I would “debrief” over and over to anyone who was in earshot about whatever incident had recently hurt me. Not for a moment would I have stopped to consider or reflect on my role in the event. Nowadays, if I’ve been hurt or triggered, I still need to talk about it, but I am looking for perspective, an unbiased input, a companion to help me process.

Magnetic thoughts

Your thinking attracts other thought-forms of like—your thoughts have magnetic properties. No one feels great when they are in a negative hurt tailspin. You don’t want to be the sender of negative thought-forms and equally you don’t want to receive an extra serve. Love is the key, love of yourself and others. Attune to the bodies’ messages and signals that reveal wounds and hurts. Observation and reflection are critical; owning and honouring our learning and growth as we navigate our soul’s evolution.

Equally, realising our creative ability to instigate change is exciting. Be the best version of yourself and lead by example. You are a magnificent creator being; be mindful of your powerful energy.

May 2019 be all you hope it can be.