Photography Credits

I would like to thank and acknowledge the talented individuals who have contributed to this website by generously allowing the use of their photography and graphic design. You can see more of their work and contact them, if you wish, via the following links.

Welcome Page – Luca Zanon

Shadow work – Josh Adamski

Collective Consciousness – Andrew Preble

Caught In A Maelstrom – Anja Osenberg

Soulmates’ Synchcronicities – Beate Bachmann

Registration – Kaitlyn Baker

Photo Credits – Jakob Owens

Shadow Conflict – Keenan Constance, Johannesburg, S.Africa

Twin Flames: Healing a world of pain – Anja Osenberg

Contact Jessica – this photo was sourced on Pixabay

and is credited to StockSnap

but I have not been able to find out who took this image